Our Vision & Core Values

Our Vision and Core Values: Fueling Growth and Innovation

At ABL, we are driven by a clear vision to support our members, local communities, our staff and the wider healthcare system. Our core values of being People Powered, Bold, Effective & Thoughtful, guide everything we do.

Together, our vision and core values fuel our growth and allow us to continually seek new opportunities and develop our existing services.

We are constantly striving to be better, to learn more, and to make a meaningful impact on all communities across the UK and beyond.

Our Purpose

Healthier, happier for longer – we make lives better

Our Vision

To eradicate health inequalities – we do this by supporting people to become active participants in their health.

Our Values

Across ABL we are…

People Powered
We place people at the heart of our approach. We listen to their wider experiences and needs and work with them to co-design practical solutions to their problems.
If we do things the way they have always been done nothing will change. We are passionate about finding new approaches, employing new technologies and engaging with the latest sector research to help communities make long lasting, sustainable change.
Our success depends on our ability to transform the lives of the people and communities we work with and we pride ourselves on delivering results. Our work is evidence based and we are skilled at delivering on targets and monitoring and recording our impact for all our stakeholders.
We believe in the value of reflection. By taking time to understand and reflect on 'the bigger picture', we ensure that as an organisation we keep on learning and that our staff and services keep growing and evolving.
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