Reducing Alcohol

Integrated Wellbeing

What We Offer

We recognise the importance of promoting responsible and safe alcohol consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, we integrate alcohol reduction messages and support into all of our lifestyle services, including during the initial ‘My Story’ appointment. This means that no matter which service someone signs up for, they will be provided with information and resources aimed at reducing the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.


Our Commitment

We recognise that everyone’s journey is different, our person-centred approach ensures clients only tell their story once and that they tell it at the pace they are comfortable. Through our services, where alcohol consumption is identified as the main priority, our experienced staff and volunteers support clients to reduce their drinking to a healthier level as well as supporting referrals to other organisations.

We are committed to helping our members make positive changes in their relationship with alcohol.

Support Available

  • One-to-one support
  • Group work
  • Peer support groups
  • Digital support

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