Integrated Wellbeing

Integrated Wellbeing

Why Integrate Services?

Through our knowledge and experience of delivering individual services we have come to understand that multiple lifestyle behaviours are closely linked and often interdependent.

Our evidence-based integrated wellbeing services, underpinned by positive psychology principles, recognise multiple risky behaviours, and support people to achieve multiple change solutions.

We build individual and community capacity, working at neighbourhood level we connect people to the place where they live.

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What's Included?

Our interventions, covering smoking, weight, physical activity, alcohol, mental wellbeing and healthy eating help an individual not only improve that particular area of their lives but help address the wider determinants that helped create the need for lifestyle change in the first place.

Our coveted ‘my story’ approach facilitates trust and rapport and helps motivate individuals address multiple issues in a concurrent or sequential manner at a pace that suits them.

Working Together

This approach aims to tackle the problem of disengagement experienced by individuals when navigating the health and social care system. The current system often involves a lot of back-and-forth referrals between different services, leading to a fragmented and disjointed experience for those in need of care. This can cause frustration, a sense of being overlooked, and a lack of progress, leading to disengagement and a negative perception of the care system.

Our approach negates these issues by creating seamless pathways within the service and the wider health, social and community care systems. By doing so, our members receive care in a connected and continuous manner, with no interruptions or delays caused by being referred from one service to another. This helps build a more integrated and efficient system, where members are able to receive the care they need without facing obstacles along the way. The outcome is a positive experience for the individual and a more effective use of resources within the health and social care system.

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Find out how we can work together to ensure people and their communities become...

Healthier & Happier for Longer

Mark’s Proven Weight-Loss Journey: How He Transformed His Life

Case Study Photo of Mark.

Meet Mark Gent. His starting weight was around 37 stone and he had been diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, he’s lost over half his body weight and is now volunteering with ABL Health as a peer supporter to help others lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s Mark’s story:

“I had been overweight all my life and last year found out I’d had diabetes for up to four years and had no idea. I decided not to take insulin but instead to manage the condition with a diet instead. I lost nearly six stone by cutting my sugar intake down to 40 grams a day and was weighing everything before I ate it.

“Then, I joined Your Health Oldham’s scheme. The programme was exactly right. The advice was great – it’s not about dieting, it’s about what you eat. Now, I love raw food and don’t eat anything processed. I think my taste has completely changed. If I eat scampi now, the batter just tastes like slime!

“When I was 13 I was hit by a double-decker bus and spent three years in hospital. I injured my whole right leg and lower back in the accident and it is painful for me to walk. Choose to Change taught me that you can do exercise with virtually no mobility, and now I cycle and do weights.

“It was the perfect way for me to go and now I’m 17 stone and at 6ft 2 inches that’s not too bad! Before I was falling asleep all the time and now it’s like I have woken up. Everything has changed – I feel like a teenager with too much energy – and my blood sugar levels are really healthy as well.

“Some people will use anything as an excuse not to lose weight but the only excuse is yourself. There is no magical cure, you’ve got to listen to the advice even if you only take in part of it. The support I’ve had has been invaluable. I got so much from the course and it’s time to give something back so I’ve become a peer supporter to offer inspiration to others wanting to improve their lives.”